5 short answer questions, 10MCQ. Please read description before bidding

Online exam (not proctored). 10MCQ’s 5 Short answer questions (worth 8 marks each, 40 for this part of the exam), copy and pasted lecture slides (second attachment). When the exam starts the MCQ will begin, after they have been finished COPY AND PASTED FROM LECTURER The very last item then will be the 5 short response items. COPY AND PASTE them into a word file and answer them in that document. Then submit the document to the appropriate submission point via Turnitin in the Assessment section (where you originally entered the exam). This will allow you to pick and choose how you tackle those short response items. This last section of the exam is where assistance will be needed the most, the questions will be sent on a word doc at roughly 7pm eastern time and will need to be completed within about 1-1.5hrs. these questions will all be regarding the lecture notes attached, note, these lecture notes will be annotated with content spoken about in lectures and updated within the next day or so. Experience regarding Science pedagogy highly regarded, experience with Australian QCAA curriculum is highly regarded. No sources required