A critical essay based on a leadership case study

Your essay should include the following components. Using your chosen leader as a case study, write an essay that discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership approaches shown by your chosen leader. This should include at least three leadership theories. Your essay should demonstrate: Part 1) 40% How your leader has dealt with any difficult situations using the theories to back your points You should then make suggestions as to how your leader could have handled situations better – for example in using an alternative leadership approach Part 2) 25% You are then expected to outline the competencies and skills of your leader and how these are essential for leaders to succeed within the TH&E industries. Back up your points giving current/recent examples. Part 3) 25% Using a self-reflective leadership questionnaire of your choice, outline what your own leadership style is and how your leadership style could be applied to work-based situations. You may use previous organisational situations you have been in. Part 3 will be done by myself. Please provide the selected word count only for the first two parts of the assignment. MY CHOSEN LEADER IS Richard Branson, Founder Virgin. I am aiming at around 65-70%. Thank you in advance!