Assignment: Ethical Dilemma Case Studies

Case Study #1

You have just completed a summer course on using poetry in the classroom. You are really excited about what you have learned and want to incorporate it into your classes. You decide that instead of using your usual textbooks, you will download poems off the Internet, copy poems from various books and magazines, and put them into a packet for your students to read and study. Your colleagues see the packet and ask if they can make copies as well. You all decide to make this a regular unit and use the packet every year.

Case Study #2

Thomas E. is a high school social studies teacher with 25 years of teaching experience in an urban district. In an attempt to be viewed as hip by his students, Mr. E. chooses to use a racial slur in reference to one of the male students in the class. Several students go to the principal to complain. When the principal meets with Mr. E., the teacher explains that he hears it used on television and in rap music all the time.

Case Study #3
How to Start a Speech (Links to an external site.)
How to Start a Speech

Case Study #4

Teacher Ethics Video – Ride Dilemma HD (Links to an external site.)
Teacher Ethics Video – Ride Dilemma HD

Case Study #5

Teacher Ethics Video – Out for a Drink Dilemma HD (Links to an external site.)
Teacher Ethics Video – Out for a Drink Dilemma HD

Assignment Directions:

After looking over the case scenarios, choose two to delve into deeper. For this assignment you will need to state your case number that you will be using to delve deeper into ethical and legal explanations. In a question and answer format address the following information for you chosen case studies:

1. Define the problem

2. What are the relevant moral and/or legal implications of the case?

3. What is a possible solution to this problem?

4. How can this problem be avoided in the future?

When you have finished answering the questions to your chosen case studies, post your assignment to the assignment drop box or upload you document to the assignment.