Business News Analysis Paper

PLEASE LOOK AT AND READ THE ATTACHMENT I HAVE LINKED THOROUGHLY BECAUSE ALL THE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS ON THERE!! THANKS Weight: 20% Submit: via the Dropbox tool Due: Week 7 Note: Please refer to the Outline for exact due dates. Overview You will read articles in the business newspapers and press regularly that relate to class readings and for this assignment, you will select three (3) articles that best illustrate what you have learned and discuss the concepts from the text and how the article enhances your understanding of the course materials. Thus, you will make the linkages between course concepts and real world business news. Many business professionals keep up-to-date by reading about business topics in newspapers. In order to foster the habit of newspaper reading, this assignment requires you to read and relate news items to the readings in the text. Many newspapers have websites in addition to articles published in print. The best way to do this assignment is to read the papers regularly (online or print) and select several interesting articles each day. Relate these articles to the textbook to help you understand the articles better. Select the three (3) articles that best illustrate what you have learned and use them in your submission. A few online sources, among many others: The Globe and Mail Financial Post The Star Calgary Herald The New York Times Instructions 1. There will be one business news analysis submission worth 20% of your final grade. 2. The submission will consist of 3 newspaper articles (with links to the article) about business or economic topics supported by references to the readings in the text and reflective comments about what you have learned about the subject matter in each article. The newspaper articles must be dated within the time period of the assignment. 3. Each article report should include the title and link to the article, a brief summary (about 1-3 sentences) about the article in your own words, and a concise commentary about what you have learned, and the relevant concepts from the text (include page #’s) that helped you understand the article. One-page length for each article report would be appropriate. 4. Format: Arial or Times New Roman, 12pt, single spacing 5. Each article report will be marked based on the following criteria: a) Variety of business topics and concepts selected b) References to textbook – demonstrating your understanding of concepts and theories) c) Summary of personal learning d) Concise, business-like style of your submission Sample Format – Business News Analysis Article One: Here’s another industry Amazon is killing off, New York Post, 10 Feb 2018, Salena Zito,, link: Summary: Brief explanation of article (about one short paragraph). Concepts: List of chapter and concepts (with page numbers) that are included in the discussion below. Personal Reflection Discussion of article relating it to concepts in the text (using page number of the textbook). This also includes the student’s personal reflection of their learning on the topics. Article Two: Joe Oliver: Liberals just drove another nail in the coffin of Canada’s resource industry, Financial Post, 9 Feb 2018, Joe Oliver,, link: Summary Concepts Personal Reflection Article Three: Too Much Power to the People? A Food Safety Site Tests the Limits, The New York Times, 13 February 2018, Kevin Roose,, link: Summary Concepts Personal Reflection Works Cited Oliver, Joe. “Liberals just drove another nail in the coffin of Canada’s resource industry.” Financial Post. 9 Feb 2018. Roose, Kevin. “Too much power to the people? A food safety site tests the limits.” New York Times. 13 Feb 2018. Zito, Salena. “Here’s another industry Amazon is killing off.” New York Post. 10 Feb 2018.