Case Study

Review case study provided. Write a case analysis of between 5-7 pages. Provide sources for any additional external information; figures/tables/title page/references don’t count toward page count. Address all of the following areas: Very brief summary of the current situation at the company as noted above. An analysis of the problem with your recommendation of which product line to work on first (based on your prioritization), and the rationale behind your recommendation. Problem statement you intend to work on (TAGS, Business case). What is the focus area of your problem-solving effort (Paretos). SMART improvement targets. Potential root causes (Fishbone). Root cause analysis (5 Why) – Pick one of the potential causes you feel is most Countermeasures evaluation. High-level implementation plan. Your personal learnings going through this problem-solving effort. Make sure that your logic and recommendation describes, compares, and critically evaluates the process steps you take, and the actions/recommendations you make to solve the problem noted in the case.