1. Handout: Gender-Based Violence You’ve been asked by the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) to design an information handout for secondary students (grades 9-12) about genderbased violence. The requirements include the following: • The handout must include the following content: o A definition to gender-based violence o Statistical information about gender-based violence, paying particular attention to rates of violence amongst young people o A discussion of how interlocking social systems of oppression effect gender-based violence. o Identification of three Niagara-based organizations that young people experiencing gender-based violence can seek support from o Identification of three online resources about gender-based violence and young people. • Information must be presented in language that is accessible to students • Information must be presented in a way that is attractive to young people • The handout is limited to one double-sided page (or two single-sided pages)