Components of Creativity Presentation

Create a 7-8 page presentation (with 50+ words in the notes section to explain each slide) in which you: Distinguish between creative thinking and the creative process (such as preparation, incubation, illumination, evaluation, and implementation)? Select one approach to the creative process and explain how it would foster creativity in an environment of your choosing: work, school, home, or otherwise. This needs to be a personal example. This needs to be a personal example. Explain the differences between methods (used to study theories) and theories (the concept that might influence creativity and creative output) in the study of creativity. What is the role of each in the study of creativity? How do they work together in the study of creativity? Explain the role of personal psychology in creativity. How does personal psychology relate to creativity? References: Reference at least two academic resources (peer-reviewed) to support your presentation. Refer to your references in your notes when you make a point, and list them at the end of your paper as well. Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines. I suggest you type your notes in an MS Word document and review them in Grammarly before copy/pasting them into the notes section. Submit your presentation as a 7 to 8 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Make sure each slide has a title, bullet points and that you discuss the bullet points on your slides in your notes.