Concert Report

Report on : For summer 4 or 6 week session courses and/or so long as there are statewide or countywide stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, online streaming performances are acceptable, and suggested online sources will be provided. The online performance may be live streamed or previously recorded but must meet the same requirements as specified below (copy/paste from syllabus). Simply provide the URL at the end of your paper for your proof of attendance. This assignment encourages each student to actively listen to and experience a live classical performance. The report will require you to use the knowledge gained in this course to provide an overview of the performance. The Instructor will provide a handout with writing instructions. The report shall be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and no longer than two pages. Proof of concert attendance (ticket stub, concert program, etc.) must be attached to your report. K-12, community, and church performances are ineligible. College, university, professional, and semiprofessional performances are eligible. Choose from the following concert formats: Symphony orchestra Choral, vocal, or opera Instrumental solo or chamber performance The performance must be at least 50 minutes of performed music (not including an intermission). Your Concert Report assignments will be graded on a rubric scale which assesses six criteria for a total of 50 points: 10 Points: Completeness (two pages, 12-point font, double spaced). 10 Points: Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting (be sure to note which titles must be in italics and which must be in quotations). 10 Points: Incorporating at least ten (10) musical terms covered in the course and/or textbook. 5 Points: The concert attended is an eligible performance per the syllabus or instructor approval. 5 Points: The student included some form of tangible proof of concert attendance (ticket stub, receipt, concert program, etc.). 10 Points: Follows formatting and guidelines as specified in the course