Corrections Staff Misconduct

PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY!! RESEARCH TOPIC: Corrections Staff Misconduct Student should select an adult corrections research topic. The topic must be approved in advance by facilitator prior to the end of Week 2. Expected length of paper is 6-10 pages and should include an ABSTRACT, a CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT, an ORGANIZED DISCUSSION OF THE ISSUE, ANALYSIS OF THE PROBLEM, and a COHERENT SET OF RECOMMENDATIONS. The conclusion should also include recommendations for further research. The research must include at least 4 references, including the textbook, and appropriate citations. At least one of the references should be from a nationally known reputable criminal justice organization, such as the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, the Journal of Criminal Justice, The Sentencing Project, or the American Corrections Association; and, at least one of the references should be from official material reported by Federal, state, or local criminal justice organizations. **Look for legal proceedings and data based on what states or areas does misconduct occur more frequently and what gender is more likely conducting the misconduct. **