Covid-19 Response assignment

COVID-19 Response Assignment For this assignment you will be tasked with analyzing the role different governments played in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in their respective countries, and comparing them with Canada’s response. You will examine at least three countries and their response to the pandemic, one of which must be Canada. The other two countries are completely up to your choice. What you need to do: Step 1: In addition to Canada, choose at least two more countries to examine. These countries could be ones that were hard hit during the pandemic, or some that were lightly affected. Step 2: Find at least one article from trusted media sources that specifically deals with each of the countries you have chosen. For example, if you decided to write about Italy and Iran, then you will need at least three different articles: one dealing with Canada, one with Italy, and one with Iran. Make sure that you select articles that offer a full coverage of the pandemic for those countries. You can certainly use more articles if you feel like you need to (just be sure to cite them appropriately) but you need to use at least three articles for this assignment. Because the pandemic is a current issue, it is very likely that your article will come from a news outlet. Make sure that you use reputable news agencies for your analysis. If you are not sure if an article is from a reputable news source, you may email me and ask. Step 3: Write your analysis about the three countries and how they responded to the pandemic. How to do that: First, summarize the situation of the pandemic in each country. Using statistics such as how many people were affected (deaths, recoveries etc.) are a good place to start. Questions you should answer in your written discussion; When did the pandemic become an issue in that country? How did the country’s government respond? How did the country help its citizens? What types of measures did they take to curb the spread of the disease? What types of challenges or obstacles did they face? Is the pandemic getting worse or are things getting better? What are people’s opinions regarding their government’s response to the pandemic? Second, after your treatment of each country, the second part of your analysis is a comparison of their responses, with that of Canada’s. In your final analysis, I would like you to grade Canada’s response to the pandemic by stating whether you think it was excellent, fair, poor, etc. in comparison to those of the other countries you selected. This assignment should be primarily in your own words. Only quote and/or paraphrase from the article that you have chosen to support your discussion and be sure to include MLA-style in-text citations to give appropriate credit to your source. MLA citations are a required part of this assignment. Please note that, according to MLA guidelines, citations must come in two places; in-text and a Word Cited page at the end of your work.