Critical Reflection Paper

In this individual, take-home assignment you will write a 1,500-1,600 word paper where you describe an intersectional approach to gender and care and critically use it to analyze intersecting inequalities under COVID-19, building on the readings, lectures, in-class writing assignments and class discussions. Organize your paper in essay format to do the following. Describe an intersectional approach to understanding how gender intersects with class, race, Indigeneity, immigrant status, disability and age to shape the conditions of work for those directly providing it (paid and unpaid) and the conditions of ‘care’ or support for those receiving it, drawing on assigned readings and lectures. Demonstrate your understanding of an intersectional approach by critically applying it to current events under COVID-19 using your own or family’s experiences, your classmates experiences shared in class discussions, or media accounts. * need to use course textbook only as a source for this assignment