Development Paper

The final paper will consist of a 5-7 page report that will require students to demonstrate proficiency in applying developmental theory to themselves. Only the instructor will read the paper, and the content will be treated as confidential. The paper will address psychosocial development and ethnic/cultural identity development. The following guidelines should serve as a general outline in writing the paper: In the introduction, you are asked to identify yourself culturally. Remember, culture is a vast concept and may have varied significantly across individuals. The description should, however, provide a context for who you are as an individual, from your own Please also briefly mention your intended plan for the paper as part of the introductory section. In the paper’s body, you are asked to discuss the conflicts that are typically associated with the stages of psychosocial development described by Erikson as they relate to your Please only consider the developmental stages that you have experienced and the stage that you are currently experiencing. For example, if you are a young adult, you will describe each developmental stage from infancy/toddlerhood to early adulthood following Erikson’s stages. If you do not feel that certain aspects of this theory are relevant to your development, please indicate that as well. In your discussion of adolescence, please be sure also to address Marcia’s statuses and Gilligan’s different sequencing of stages based on gender. You are also asked to examine your own ethnic/cultural identity development using a previously developed ethnic/cultural identity development model from the psychological literature. This may require some additional research beyond your textbook. The instructor can provide some guidance in your research endeavors; however, the ethnic identity model should be of your own As you discuss the various stages, consider any of the following factors that relate to your development (these are just examples) – please cover only those that apply to you): major influences (i.e., family, individuals), historical events, gender socialization, new beginnings, cultural factors, normative and non-normative influences (i.e., moves, personal and/or family trauma, family struggle, death, discrimination, changes, losses, successes, and failures). As you write the paper, here are some possible questions to explore: In each stage, what evidence demonstrates that you were moving forward to the next developmental stage or were stuck regarding developmental tasks? Were these stages easy or more difficult developmental stages for you? Why? What were some problems in living that impacted developmental milestones? Please include a brief conclusion paragraph to close your report. Please be sure to review and edit your paper for typos and grammatical errors, as college-level writing is expected. This is not strictly an autobiographical paper, as you must integrate developmental theory. See the attached rubric for more information on scoring criteria.