Each question is a different assg so references should be individual to that question if other than the book. I did it this way cause it’s easier. Book info will be given when project is assigned. 1. Discussion 15: In our final week our entire focus is on the value of the dollar relative to other currencies and the impact on our economy when the valuations between currencies change, i.e., impacts on imports and exports. Example: a decrease in the U.S. exchange rate can help domestic firms that export to other countries and at the same time can have a negative impact on firms that import their inputs from overseas. Given that the U.S. dollar declined against the Great Britain pound U.S. automobile manufacturers will have a price advantage when selling comparable luxury cars in England. Your task for this week is to complete the following assignment by Wednesday and then respond to at least two of your classmates’ posting by Saturday: In recent news there was a discussion about the possibility that some European Union members were considering a strategy of intentionally devaluing their currency against the dollar in order to increase exports. Explain how it is possible for a country to intentionally devalue its’ currency and then define the benefits and consequences of this strategy. 2. Chapter 15, Application Problem 3: Based on the discussion in this chapter, update the controversy over the value of the Chinese yuan in foreign currency markets. Is China still using central bank foreign exchange policy to maintain the value of the yuan? What is the current policy of the United States on this issue? 3. Chapter 16, Application Problem 4: What variables other than price appear to have the biggest impact on the demand for McDonald’s products? How much influence does the company have over these variables?