Education on Childbirth: Monique

ou are a social services case manager meeting with a single-mother-by-choice, Monique, who is thirty years old and experiencing her first pregnancy. She is in her last trimester and experiencing a tremendous amount of stress over her increasing fear of the pain of childbirth. You are trying to educate Monique on the safety of natural childbirth, which she has emphatically stated on numerous occasions that she wants. She is also concerned that the hospital will encourage her to have a medicated childbirth if she appears in pain. Baby Marcus will be born in approximately eight weeks, and Monique is excited, but is beginning to doubt herself and her ability to get through labor and delivery naturally. She has no risks associated with her pregnancy or childbirth and is in perfect health, so there is no reason she should be concerned. You decide to provide her with a workbook that will educate her on natural labor and delivery, the role of the hospital staff, and how to advocate for herself as a single mother. What ideas do you have for designing the workbook in a way that will support Monique and prepare her for delivery with a sense of empowerment? If you wish, include some discussions on midwives and doulas. After you provide details about what you would include and why, take some time at the end of your paper to reflect on particular challenges people who want a natural childbirth in a hospital setting might face. Overall, what types of resources will you need to include in this workbook?