El Paso High

Write a seven-to-eight-page research paper in which you inform and educate your audience on your topic, relating the history, culture, purpose, and key people involved. The objective is to write an expose of sorts by finding and using information your audience would not readily know. The research paper must use 12 sources as evidence in support of points made in the paper. Two of the 12 sources must be images (photos, graphics, etc.) which are to be placed at the end of the research paper, but before the Reference page. Format your paper according to APA style guidelines, 7th edition. Your research paper MUST contain a thesis statement. You might want to create a working thesis statement (a preliminary thesis statement) prior to beginning the research to provide you focus, guidance, and direction during your research. Each paragraph of your essay MUST contain an analytical topic sentence that unifies the ideas presented in that paragraph. All other sentences in the paragraph MUST support the topic sentence. All paragraphs in your essay MUST support your thesis statement. You MUST have no less than TWELVE sources, two of which must be images. The two images must be placed between the last page of the essay and the References page. The thesis statement, topic sentences, and ideas presented in the paper MUST be YOUR own, based on YOUR reading, interpretation and understanding of your topic and sources. The sources you use should act ONLY as scholarly evidence in support of your YOUR ideas. They are NOT intended to take the place of your own thoughts and opinions. Smoothly embed material from your sources in the form of quotes, paraphrases, summaries, and references into your paper. Each source should be cited properly using in-text citations, following APA, 7th edition guidelines. At the end of the essay, in its own page, include a Reference page that contains ONLY the sources that were referenced in the paper. Title that page References. Each citation in the References page MUST be configured according to APA style guidelines, 7th edition. The Reference page is NOT part of the minimum seven-to-eight-page essay. Write the paper in past tense. Write the paper in third person. Include first person only if you interviewed someone. Make certain that your paper is not simply reporting of your sources. It MUST be a persuasive argument that supports a position. Do NOT include personal experience in your paper, or any other form of editorializing. Format the paper according to APA style, 7th edition guidelines, using 12 pt., Times New Roman, double spaced, with a cover page. Do NOT include an abstract as part of your paper. TWO of the sources MUST be photos or images of your topic. Check to see if the photos are copyrighted or have specific directions for use. Your annotated bibliography must contain at least 12 sources. a reaserch paper about el paso high one of the oldest school in el paso.