Emergency plan review assignment – Part 1

Summary: -Review information regarding the completion of emergency plans for individuals and families. This will help you to complete your own emergency plan which is the other assignment in this class . -I will expect at least 5 resources from reliable information sources. Each of these sources should be read/reviewed and then I would like a 400-500 word description of each source describing how it relates to the 5 goals of public health during an emergency situation (life, property, environment, incident stabilization, economy). If it doesn’t touch on the 5, that is ok and should be stated. Discuss why or why not it is a good resource as well and if anything is missing in your opinion. This will be your research so that you can complete your own emergency plan. – The idea is that you will take the best ideas from the emergency planning sources to use for your own emergency plan that you will create. – Appropriate APA 7th edition referencing is required at the beginning of each description. No reference sheet at the end is required. – Assignments will be marked based on content, clarity, and grammar.