Essay on Clinical Governance with focus on Education and Training

Clinical Governance – Supporting Safe Practice: Education and Training • Essay: 2,500 words MAX. • WORD format only • 1.5 LINE SPACING • 12 font ARIAL OR NEW TIMES ROMAN ASSIGNMENT: Clinical Governance is an umbrella term which encompasses a range of activities and processes that staff adhere to in order to maintain and improve the quality of care they provide to patients. Traditionally it has been described using seven key inter-related pillars. The Essay will be focusing on Education and Training pillar, critically discuss its impact on patient care and staff experiences. Include in my answer a discussion around how I, as a healthcare practitioner, have been involved in maintaining and improving the quality of outcomes in terms of patient care or outcomes for staff. The assignment must be supported by the relevant clinical governance literature. Please note the following important notices below: 1. It is essential to use literature to support assertions. Adhere to Harvard referencing guidelines. 2. Please Do not use the term ‘the author’…it is not necessary. Replace the urge to use that term with a simple statement “this essay will……” or “in gerontology/mental health/peri op/ settings it is ……” 3. It is not acceptable to name the clinical area. It is vital to maintain confidentiality.