Essay: Organizations, Structures, and Roles in Project Management

Use the Internet to find at least three organizations that: Have a published organization chart Employ project management Review the information to determine the relative merits of its associated structure. Upon completion of your review, provide an analysis of your findings. Provide your analysis: In a three-to-five page paper, briefly describe each organization and what you determined regarding the merits of its structure. Then complete the following: 1. Select which organization structure you prefer, provide your supporting rationale, and cite sources. 2. Refer to the Project Management in Action section of Chapter 5 (See Attachment), and use this as a guide to identify the roles and responsibilities of project team members with the organization you selected. – If you cannot find sufficient detail, then provide what you think would be the appropriate roles for a project run within your selected company. Use the outline in the text as a guide to appropriate detail. 3. Summarize your findings in a paper, formatted to current APA standards, to submit for grading. If you need to site the attachment, see below: Kloppenborg, T. J., Anantatmula, V. S., & Wells, K. N. (2019). Chapter 5/Project Management in Action. In Contemporary project management (4th ed., pp. 172–173). essay, Cengage Learning.