Length: 1250–1750 words Examine a language usage in speech or in writing that is sometimes or often considered improper. Research where that usage comes from and why it’s considered improper or incorrect. Using that research, write an argumentative paper on what you think of the validity or invalidity of that usage. For example, you could explore more fully one of the ideas introduced in Wordslut or another text we’ve looked at this term, such as “Mother Tongue” or “If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What is?” Conversely, you could also write a paper on a language convention that is largely accepted but is nevertheless problematic. For example, are there any problems with academic writing? Use your research to argue what your position is. You must use three sources for the paper. One source can be a text from class, but it doesn’t have to be. Choose sources that are appropriate for your paper. That might mean academic texts and books, or it might not. But part of your mark will be based on your selection of sources and how well you use them. You might want to consider etymologies (the origins and histories of a word or usage) in your research. The essay must adhere to MLA standards, both in overall format and in its citations