Final LSA Reflection

For Module 9, you will reflect on your personal leadership style, behaviors, and attributes. Leadership development occurs with reflection because you have the opportunity to assess your skills, abilities, talents, views, and experiences, in light of information and knowledge gained by completing LSAs. Using the LSA results, reflect and consider how you can further develop your strengths and close gaps for your professional leadership style. Please select and use information from four prior LSA assessment assignments and elements from your research projects relating to leadership theory or consider comparing and contrasting your leadership style to one of your approved research project leaders. Please select four of your prior LSA assignments are do the following: (please see attached file) Assess any surprises about your own leadership skills that you found from these LSAs. Explain how these self-assessments might influence your leadership skills moving forward. Please complete your response using a minimum of 300 words. A first-person narrative is appropriate for this assignment.