Final Paper

I don’t have a thesis written but I would like to be something along the lines of: Whiteness and White privilege causes negatively impacts society through x, y, z… Please send me a thesis so I can confirm before completing the paper. No outside sources can be used. Only the sources I provided can be used. Do not make this paper sound smart and do not use higher diction. Other sources: Each paper is to have a clear and explicit thesis question (in the text, that the reader sees, as opposed to one that is implied), a clear thesis/argumentative statement (i.e. “In this paper, I argue that…”), an organizational paragraph that tells the reader how the paper is to proceed, and a conclusion that summarizes what you have written and thinks broadly about implications. Remember, write simply and write well. Do not try to sound “smart,” “sophisticated” or “like a college student.” Often, those intentional efforts result in a confusing and needlessly obfuscated style of writing. A “how” and “why” thesis question is far more interesting and compelling than a “yes” or “no” question. Do not use material from dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikipedia (totally inappropriate for a college paper by the way), or random websites. You have read more than enough in class and do not need to look elsewhere. It goes without saying that these papers are to be your own work, and that they are not to be papers submitted for other classes. As a strong suggestion, do not use the Internet for “inspiration” before writing. If your paper is too close to anything found online or violates the other plagiarism guidelines I have detailed here, it will result in an automatic “F” for the paper and likely the class. You are to have AT LEAST 2 citations per page. You are to use a MINIMUM of 5 different sources for this paper. The documentaries and other online clips do not count towards the citation total. You should use the books and the book chapters I have emailed to you. Likewise, the only materials that may be cited are to be drawn from the class syllabus. You may cite some of the materials from url’s (i.e. the light readings from magazines and websites) on the syllabus, but they do not count towards the total. A suggestion: write the best paper you can using the most appropriate citations.