Frida Kahlo

Research Paper

THE WHAT: The Research should be about the individual you have chosen (Frida Kahlo) and the impact they had on their world as well as the importance/enduring value they hold today. Do not make the paper all about dates or a timeline of the individual’s life but do add some interesting tidbits. In other words, you don’t want to write a biography, write about their importance and impact on the art world.

Discuss interesting history about the person but more importantly, discuss what importance YOU think they had in shaping the human spirit of their day and how they may still affect us today. More questions you might consider: WHY are they a landmark? How did they impact the art world? Who influenced them? What were some of their major contributions to the art world? To humanity? What did they tell us about ourselves during their time period?

The How:

Length of Research Paper: 1,000 word minimum.

It must be typed and double-spaced.

Must have an MLA heading, paragraphs, thesis statement, introduction, middle, conclusion.

MLA style (Modern Language Association). There are guidelines in the library, Learning Center and ATLAS.

Works Cited: YES (This is a list of the resources you cited in your paper.)