Global analysis paper

Assignment • Analyze the business prospects of one of the nations below for your respective section. The analysis should be approached as if you and your company are contemplating opening a new market in this country with a product or service that is currently being offered by your company. You are to provide information, analysis, and recommendations to the CEO of your company for the best ways to enter and to succeed in this nation’s market. Selection of Nations to Analyze ? Section 5 – Taiwan, Malaysia, Spain, Nigeria, or Argentina ? Section 6 – Indonesia, Singapore, Denmark, Kenya, or UAE ? Section 7 – Philippines, Vietnam, Egypt, Chile, or Sweden Suggested Outline of Analysis ? Executive Summary (2-3 sentences only) ? Part 1 – Background/history of country ? Part 2 – Overview of political/economic/cultural/demographic aspects of country ? Part 3 – Key industries/overall business climate (infrastructure, taxes, educational system, banking system, technology, etc.) ? Part 4 – Key global exports/imports/trading partners/trade agreements ? Part 5 – Recent business-related news and future trends ? Part 6 – Analysis of Business Opportunities and Risks ? Part 7 – Recommendations ? Part 8 – Summary Format ? Minimum 1700 words/maximum 2000 words (excludes references); graphs, figures, tables acceptable ? PDF document, 12-point font, double-spaced ? Minimum of 6 credible references (in paper citations, and full citations at end of paper in APA 7th edition format) Tips for Success ? Writing should be succinct and to the point – do not include superfluous or meaningless information ? Use more than 6 references – it will help you understand the material and provide you a broader view of the subject matter ? Include a few graphics (tables, charts, etc.) – this is helpful to the reader Global Analysis Paper: This assignment will be an analysis of a global business issue, a specific global market, or a global business enterprise. Specifics for the assignment will be provided in class and published on CANVAS prior to the due date. The paper will be a minimum of 1700 words and a maximum of 2000 words (excluding references), the paper will have at least 6 APA (7th edition) referenced sources noted, 12-point font, double-spaced in Word Document format.