In abortion cases throughout the US should the unborn child have the upper hand over the mothers own rights?

Research Question: In abortion cases throughout the United States, should the rights of the unborn child get the upper hand over the mothers own rights? Topic: analyzing an important american issue (my research question) -ESTABLISH AND EXPLAIN THE CONTEXT OF THE ISSUE, including its genesis, development, and current status in american society -research all relevant facets of the issue, including its genesis , development , and current status in american society -if possible, connect the issue to related literature ( fiction and or non fiction) , explaining how the literature comments upon the issue -develop a concise thesis statement that clearly identifies the significance of the issue for american society and the county as a whole. -include context from AT LEAST THREE VALID SECONDARY SOURCES THAT EFFECTIVELY AND LOGICALLY SUPPORT THE MAIN FOCUS OF THE ANALYSIS OF THE ISSUE -MUST HAVE WORKS CITED IN MLA FORMAT – This is a NON ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY. -MLA FORMAT -Double spaced -Need in text citations -no plagiarism will be put through -Graduation requirement (will give good tip if I receive an A or higher! for the help 🙂 -paper must be 5 full pages (6th page Works cited) -MUST RECEIVE BY MARCH 2ND or before!) -what’s NOT acceptable to cite: blogs, consultant sites, online encyclopedias, general online dictionaries, local newspapers, Youtube, student/personal webpages, essay-sharing websites, famous-quotes websites) -make sure thesis is clear , specific, and arguable (has to provide a straightforward outline for the rest of the paper) -Make sure that the body paragraphs have topic sentences that summarize the main point/context of the paragraph and correspond to the thesis statement -NO PLAGIARISM AT ALL!!! (very very important!) (NO information from web pages, books, songs, TV shows, email messages, interviews, articles, artworks or any other medium)!! -The thesis MUST be arguable ; it should not merely discuss the general elements of the issue, nor make a general statement that the issue exists