Infant/Toddler Observation Paper

Take what you have theoretically learned in the book and apply it to a real child. Define biosocial, cognitive and psychosocial development in a 6 month to 23 month old child who you do not know in unbiased observation. This observation will be done in person (obviously cant be done). While you are there take notes of everything the child is doing. What activities he/she is engaged in, words, sounds and non verbal communication being used. Include your notes when you turn in your paper. After the observation you will write a paper that describes what you saw and what you thought during your observation. Describe how it is different from or similar to what you have read in your text book. Use direct quotes and links to the chapters. Write about each of the domains; biosocial, cognitive, language and psychosocial. Summarize your learning about the development of The Whole Child in the first two years. What did you learn about how children develop? Your typed paper should be at least 6 pages long. Include the following headings: Setting/Description of child Biosocial Development Cognitive Development Psychosocial Development The Whole Child The book reference should be uploaded Only use reference from the book and no other reference: LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT A Psychological Perspective Second Edition By Martha Lally and Suzanne Valentine-French That is the copy and past section. I just want a paper that defines the biosocial, cognitive and psychosocial development in a 6 month to 23 month old child who one does not know in unbiased observation. Need it done from a perspective in which someone has gone to a childcare center and done this observation/research. Only need one reference which would be from the book which I will upload. And only need to use material from chapter 1-4.