Consider the following two parts to this essay and answer BOTH in your essay (1000 – 1500 words): Part A: Briefly identify your major or target vocation. Summarize the article that you analyzed last week in plain terms. Discuss how earth science/astronomy relates to your major/target vocation. Does knowing that earth science/astronomy relates to you major impact your approach to studying science? How might you utilize earth science/astronomy in future classes, projects, or jobs? Discuss if/how your worldview/faith relates to how you interact with the science that you have identified in your chosen field of study. Explain why or why not and support with experiences and/or data. Part B: Through the lens of the science you have learned during this semester, select a passage from scripture and respond to some or all of the following questions: Have you seen the glory or character of God displayed in the organization of the physical world? Please explain with specific examples. How does this impact your worldview? Your faith? What questions have our discussions of science from this semester raised for you? How do you go about finding truth in these matters? How does this impact your worldview? Your faith? My Major is Organizational Leadership in Business