Jean Piaget

This is an essay about a psycholopgist I chose to write about (Jean Piaget). I included the instructions in a PDF attached. PLEASE read and follow the instructions carefully for a great Tip! No plagiarism or quots since is a psychology paper. this essay is APA 7th edition. I also included an article by Jean Piaget since information about that needs to be in the essay. You can find the other resources about Piaget (reliable resources please. like scholarly articles or books he has written). Please leave me a message if you have any questions. WHEN YOU SEE THE INCTRUCTIONS, YOU CAN SEE ITEM C IS TO PICK AN ARTICLE OR BOOK FROM JEAN PIAGET. I PICKED “Cognitive development in children: Piaget development and learning” . unfortunaly I am not able to attach the PDF for that but you can also find it online. please write about that one specifically for #4 (item c) iin instructions). Thank you,