Law Enforcement – Documentary Response Paper

LAW ENFORCEMENT Film is entitled: “A Death in St. Augustine” Can be viewed here: DOCUMENTARY RESPONSE PAPERS GUIDELINES: • Paper must be typed — using only a 12-pitch Times New Roman font. • Single-spaced with one-inch margins. • In total, the Assignment should not be more than five pages in length. • Each submission must be numbered to match and include all of the following five sections: 1. Identify and describe in detail the major issue addressed by the documentary. 2. Identify the primary individuals/groups involved in the documentary. 3. Identify the biases on the part of the filmmaker that you were able to identify in the documentary (and there will definitely be biases in each film). In other words, how did the filmmakers try to convince you of the position that the film supports? Look for appeals to logic, emotion, and prejudice. 4. Provide your personal assessment of the documentary; i.e., a. What did you like about the documentary? b. What didn’t you like about the documentary? c. What did you learn after watching the documentary that you did not know before watching it? d. Was there anything that you saw or heard in the film that was unconvincing or which seemed out of place? e. Did the film change your mind about any aspect of the subject that it presents? What information, argument or persuasive technique caused you to change your mind? 5. If the filmmakers were to ask how the film could be improved, what would you tell them? If someone asked you whether you would recommend this film, how would you respond?