Leadership paper

The two topics to be written about: 1. Kotters Model of change OR Lewin’s change process (whatever you choose) 2. Healthy Work environments for healthcare/nurses that can be implemented IE- safety, empowerment of nurses, healthy communication between staff and management, and whatever else. Write a paper on one or more things that you think are important to be a good nurse leader from from topics covered in the first seven chapters of the book. This is to be done using APA 7th edition guidelines for student academic papers (the running head is not required for these anymore). The paper requires a title page, 1.5 to 2 pages for the body of the paper with a introduction and conclusion as well as a separate reference page. You will need a minimum of 3 sources which need to come from the Leadership book, nursing journals or academic sites. These 3 sources need to be within the last 5 years. It is required that you use proper in text APA citations. This paper can be turned in anytime up to October 24th. I have attached resources to our library as well as APA guidance from Owl Purdue website. It is worth 10/100 points possible if you have the tutoring center review your paper prior to submission. Be sure to be familiar with the rubric for the paper. Textbook Title: Leadership and Nursing Care Management Sixth Edition by Diane L. Huber Rubric Attached