Literature Review

The literature review should be based on your PIO/clinical question: What are the best methods for decreasing catheter associated urinary tract infections in hospitalized adult patients? The paper must use APA format and should be between 15-20 pages (this does not include title page, references or appendices). The paper should be organized with the following headings: Introduction, Literature Review, Summary, Use the following criteria to assist in your paper: Introduction (15%) • Introduce your topic (PIO Question). Describe the problem and provide background on the problem (support with citations).- develop a problem statement • Discuss the significance of the clinical problem and why it is important for nursing and advance practice Literature Review (30%) • Literature search methods, inclusion/exclusion criteria, databases used for search, time frame for articles, keywords • Literature review o Your literature review should be comprehensive in nature, o Each article should be described in its entirety—do not group or combine the studies into a whole, or categorize according to the research process. o The majority of your articles should be primary research articles (minimum 4-6), preferably published within the past 5 years. You may also use meta analyses, integrative/systematic reviews, etc., however it is critical you use reports of primary research. You may use subheadings to differentiate the intent of the studies you reviewed. For example if you were focusing on depression in young adults, you may have studies that focused on depression and suicide; depression and substance abuse, etc.. In the Literature review section you also want to provide a succinct analysis of the studies and address those areas where you identified limitations related to. research design, sample and setting, data collection process, research instruments, data analysis, findings. o The flow of the literature should be logical and support your question and problem statement. o Remember, in this section you are reporting on the literature and findings. o Organize your literature on the Literature Review table (Literature Review format included in attachments) and include your table as an appendix to the paper (do not insert into the body of the paper). Summary (35%) • Synthesize the overall literature reviewed and provide a summary statement on what the research indicates about the problem/topic of interest. In other words, what is the ‘take home message’ about the problem/topic. You may use an introductory phrase such as “overall, the research reviewed indicates…..” . You can elaborate here on significant findings, compare/contrast the studies as they related to your topic. In this section you are making sense of the overall findings from the literature discussed in the previous section. • Discuss what is known and not known scientifically about the problem (identify the gaps), strengths and feasibility of using this body of knowledge in a new practice setting. • Discuss implications for advanced nursing practice and areas of further research need… ? Written Organization/APA format (20%) • This is a formal scholarly paper. APA format is to be followed (use of headings, intext citations, appendices, etc.) • Written flow should be organization • Quotations should be limited to essential content only; narrative should be paraphrased, not quoted. Check your Turnitin percentage and areas of similarity—the narrative (excluding reference, title pages) should not be over 25%-30% . • Literature Review table- should be included as an appendix (per APA) I have attached the Literature Review table. I began with 2 references but have not completed the full chart yet (it is required to be completed and included into the appendix of the paper) 4-6 references required, should mostly be primary research THANK YOU SO MUCH!