MBA Admission- 3 Essays 300 word each

Please take your time to consider and plan these essays to ensure they are completed to a high standard and are a true reflection of you. These essays will form a key part of your application and will be used to help make decisions on admission and potential scholarship awards, for self-funded applications. Please ensure you fully answer the question whilst staying within the specified word limit. Seeing the Bigger Picture * Required We believe that Change Makers: See the bigger picture: No matter where they call home, a Change Maker thinks beyond themselves and their environment; they are open to other views, and they consider the ripple effect of what they do on a personal, social, and commercial level. They are driven by having the biggest positive impact and a focus on the greater good. If you could change one thing about your organisation, what would it be and why? What external and/or internal factors would you consider when making your decision? Challenging the Norm * Required We believe that Change Makers: Challenge the norm: Nothing can be changed until it’s challenged. Change Makers don’t just accept things at face value, they wonder why and question how. It’s only by breaking the status quo that real impact can be delivered. What changes have you initiated in the past year and what impact have these had on your organisation and/or team? The Drive and Vision * Required We believe that Change Makers: Have the drive as well as the vision: Having a vision is one thing. Having the drive and work ethic to realise a vision is quite another. Change Makers aren’t held back by passiveness, barriers, or a fear of failure; they relentlessly pursue every possible solution in order to achieve their ambitions. Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time and what are the key steps you will take to get there? How will the MBA support your personal and professional transformation? I work in Trade Operations. Try to write something that will excel my career in management and taking on more responsibilities.