metamorphosis project

We have read a variety of myths where the main theme is transformation. In addition, we’ve read XO Orpheus, which is an entire collection of transformed myths, some based on other myths directly, others influenced, but all transformed. For this option, you will choose one myth to transform. You may choose from any of the myths (traditional or modern from XO Orpheus) we have read this semester. You can transform the myth into anything you would like, but here are some options: Short story Sculpture Poem Game For the introduction paragraph please write in 240 words: 1. Tell us which myth you are transforming and why. 2. Explain your project in detail. For the creative part: 1. chose the myth you want to transform 2. transform it into a short story, poem, or game For the final part of the essay: (500 words) 1. Give a brief synopsis of the myth (3-5 sentences). 2. Describe your project (3-5 sentences). 3. Explain the choices you made in the transformation of the myth (2-3 paragraphs) 4. Each paragraph should focus on one of the aspects of your metamorphoses 5. In each paragraph, you must quote directly from the myth, explaining how it inspired your choices. 6. Come to a conclusion regarding what you learned through this process (1 paragraph). 7. Finally, reflect on your experience.