Midterm assignment

PLEASE REVIEW THE ATTACHMENT- AS IT HAS ALL THE REQUIREMENTS IN DETAILS. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE, 1. This is not a research paper. Therefore, there is no need to use citation. However, you may use quotes from your reading. (However, you should use any direct quotations sparingly). If you do choose to use quotations from your course readings, then they must be cited parenthetically, or with footnotes. 2. This essay must be submitted on Blackboard and will be reviewed by the SafeAssign program. Plagiarized papers will receive a grade of zero. 3. Much has been written about Frederick Jackson Turner on the Internet. Do not attempt to copy, or repeat, what others have written about him. Of course, such plagiarized papers will receive a grade of zero. In addition, this is about YOUR interpretation of the quote above. 4. Because it is your interpretation of the quote above, how you defend your argument, and what evidence is used, is up to you! Just make sure that your arguments are factually correct, and well defended.