naomi shihab nye

I’m to choose one of the following options and write about Naomi Shihab Nye and analyze her poems here are the professors’ instructions: 1. Choose one single element in your poet’s body of poems that you want to survey, and look at many poems that could help further your claim. An example of a single element might be: Letter from the Homefront: Marianne Moore’s Positions on Gender in War or Violent Metaphors in Solmaz Sharif’s Poems 2. Choose a single poem and analyze the many intersections of spectrums in that poem. An example of a single poem might be: Intersectional Narrations of Drew Pham “How to Remember Your Ancestors’ Names.” 3. Put two poets in conversation: Your poet and another poet of your choosing. An example of a poetic conversation might be: Wendy Rose’s Poetic Critical Response to Carolyn Forché Call of Witness or Formation of Race Wars: Claudia Rankine and Barbera Tran Use of Poetic Form Your paper must include significant poetic analysis of at least one poem Academic Work Citation Style: MLA or Chicago. Standard formatting. Please note that the citation component will be graded Paper Length- 5 pages, not including the cover page or the bibliography