Nursing 175 Research Paper

Requirements for Paper-NURS 175 Fall 2021 Objectives: 1. Analyze a legal, ethical, or professional issue that relates to or impacts or affects nurses/nursing. 2. Demonstrate writing skills that effectively convey a thoughtful examination of the selected topic. 3. Use critical thinking skills to develop personal point of view based upon research. 4. Engage in group process, demonstrating accountability for completion of assignment requirements. Overview: Students, working in groups, will develop a paper relating legal and/or ethical principles to a cultural scenario (depicted in the next section). Using this case study, students will write a paper that demonstrates the importance of cultural awareness and cultural competence when caring for clients. The work of developing the paper is divided into two parts: 1. The first assignment is developing the Group Paper Agreement, include due dates and assignments for which each person holds responsibility. Complete this as soon as possible. The group must meet with the assigned instructor by Tuesday, 9/14/21, and bring this agreement with them. Failure to meet with the assigned instructor by 9/14/21 (appointment only) will result in a 10 point reduction of final paper grade. 2. The major assignment is the paper. It must include the title page, body of the paper, reference page(s), plagiarism signature sheet, and Group Paper Agreement. It is due Monday, 11/15/21. Plan your research carefully to use a variety of nursing resources based on previous review class for library and on-line resources/research. Articles accessed must demonstrate a full-text either through EBSCO host or ProQuest. The library staff members are available for a refresher in research techniques (741-5521). When you complete this research process, you should be able to succinctly demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the topic. The paper must be 2-3 typed and double-spaced pages (not including title or reference pages). It is expected that students will review and proofread the paper many times to ensure accurate spelling and grammar. Students must follow APA guidelines for formal papers (refer to APA guidelines on Jenzibar, or, and/or the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Actual Assignment: The client is scheduled for a below the knee amputation related to complications from diabetes. The client is admitted to the pre-operative area, signs a number of surgical permits, and receives pre-operative medications, including a sedative. Because this type of surgery results in significant blood loss for the client several units of blood have been typed and cross-matched and placed on standby for this client. The client is then moved into the operating room, and is administered the first unit of blood after being anesthetized. The circulating nurse is checking the paperwork before the beginning of the surgery and notices that the consent for the administration of blood products has not been signed. When the chart is further examined, the nurse notices that “Jehovah’s Witness” is written under the “Religion” section. The circulator informs the anesthetist about the client’s religion and the anesthetist’s response is, “Holy cow—I can’t believe this is happening!” The family does not know about the blood transfusion and (obviously) neither does the client since the client is under anesthesia. The nurse anesthetist announces that the error was not their fault because they were not told about the client’s religion and that the anesthetist was not going to tell the family or client what happened. The circulating nurse felt that since they were not the one to administer the transfusion either, they should not tell the client or family. The unit manager was called in and a consensus was reached that since the unit manager was now available, they would be the one to talk to the family and the client since they were essentially responsible for what happened on the unit. The nurse manager feels that since no physical harm was done to the client, the whole incident should just be dropped. Examine this topic in relation to the legal and/or ethical responsibilities of the nurse. Explore current best practices for competency of clients to make their own decisions and the importance of providing culturally competent nursing care. Use the following questions/statements to guide this paper: Questions to inspire you: What are the key ethical principles involved in this dilemma? Use Chapter 6 in your Catalano text related to ethics , to help you with the decision making process for the dilemma. What are possible solutions to the dilemma and consequences of the solutions? How would your group resolve the dilemma—defend your decision. Recommended Format: First paragraph—briefly introduce the topic by explaining what the topic is and what the various viewpoints are, or how you plan to examine the topic. End the paragraph with a thesis statement that foreshadows your viewpoint or indicates your response to this issue. For example: “Nurses have legal and ethical obligations to provide both culturally and ethically sensitive and competent care to their clients”. Body of paper—the body of the paper typically has three paragraphs. Each paragraph should deal with one specific topic, such as perspectives related to the topic. Each paragraph should look like the following: Topic sentence—the first sentence in the paragraph states the topic being discusses and the main point of the paragraph. For this paper, each view or perspective needs to be introduced in separate paragraphs. The next part of each paragraph is specific to the view or perspective being presented. It is important to remain on topic and not to digress to another opinion. The last part of each paragraph demonstrates exactly how this viewpoint or perspective relates to the thesis of the paper. Repeat this format for each paragraph in the body of the paper. Conclusion/Summary— in the first sentence, restate (in other words), the ideas from the introduction that demonstrates an overall understanding of the selected topic. Then write 2 to 4 sentences to explain your viewpoints/opinions related to the research presented in the body of the paper, and explain why this is important for the practice of nursing. References—use at least 4 peer-reviewed and current (within 5 years) nursing articles. Make sure that the articles are available in complete text format (use EBSCO host and ProQuest). Examples of professional nursing journals are American Journal of Nursing, Nursing Management, and Nursing. Nursing textbooks are credible resources. Group meetings with course faculty member: Meet at least once with the instructor Bring group assignment worksheet to each meeting Review draft paper with assigned instructor Students can request a meeting with assigned faculty at any time Faculty can require a meeting with the group at any time How the final paper is graded: The paper counts as 10% of the NURS 175 grade IF students have an average on unit and final exams of 76 or better. The instructor may request individual or follow up papers if the group does not demonstrate the responsibilities of the assignment or the instructor may give an individual grade if deemed necessary by the quality of the work by an individual student. Otherwise there will be one grade for the group work that will be given to each student. The group must meet with the instructor (appointment only) at least once by the date assigned. Failure to meet with the assigned instructor will result in a 10 point deduction of the final paper. False information supplied on the worksheet may result in a zero on the paper and/or dismissal from the program. Students who wish to appeal the grade on the paper must submit a clean copy of the paper and the original graded paper to the Nursing Chair, who will assign a faculty member to read the paper. Students will receive the average of the assigned grades. NURS 175 – Nursing 2 – Rubric for Paper Student(s): 20-17 16-13 12-9 8-5 4-0 Score Reference APA style is followed correctly in both body of paper and in all references. Minor edits needed- no more than 3 in total paper. APA edits needed- over 6 per paper. Major edits needed. Errors in APA style detract substantially from the paper. Use of literature/ selected references References selected articles to demonstrate understanding of topic and to support personal viewpoint or opinion. A major point selected but does not demonstrate an understanding of the topic, research, or author’s conclusions. Provides a general discussion of the research, but does not select any specific point to expand upon. Does not include discussion of how the information can be applied to the assigned topic. Missed the purpose of the research. Writing Paper is clear and articulate, with proper use of English language, spelling, and grammar, and demonstrates effective proofreading Minor edits needed. Sentence structure is weak with run-on sentences and lack of paragraphs. Major edits needed. Turns in something, but is not acceptable college level writing. Organization of writing Well organized thinking that provides an overview of the topic and discusses key points in a logical and ordered manner that makes sense, and closes with personal thoughts and application to nursing care. Minor jumping around on points. Organization of ideas is not clear nor does it follow a sequence. Major jumping around on points made in review. Major organizational edits needed to articulate clearly. No organizational thought demonstrated in writing of review, major points discussed in the article, or your thoughts and ideas. Personal Point of View Articulates thoughts on the topic in a clear manner. Discussion includes what was learned and ideas that may impact future practice. Does include thoughts and reaction to the article but does not elaborate. No mention of learning from reading the article. Writes only 1 or 2 sentences about the article. Omits this section. Final Score