Nursing Theorist Paper

NURS6123 A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF A NURSING THEORIST PROJECT 30% of final grade Graduate level Nursing Education requires critically engaging with the material that students are dealing with and not merely learning and re-stating the work of others. In order to complete this assignment, the student will be required to analyze and critique a nursing model (theory/conceptual framework). The student will select a nursing theorist whose theory (model, framework, philosophy, mid-range theory) he/she finds appealing and with whom he/she can relate any apply to clinical practice. The selected theorist (from Alligood) must be approved by the professor so that no two students can present the same theorist. Each student is required to conduct a thorough literature search to obtain material related to the theorist and the model. The search should include research conducted using the theory or model, with clinical examples. The assignment is a two-part assignment and includes both a paper and power point presentation. Both are submitted as assignments and the power point is also posted in the Discussion Board. The project includes a five-page paper that summarizes the application and overall impact of the selected theorist. The paper should have a minimum of 7-10 references that include primary sources by the theorist, a secondary source written about the theorist and 2-3 articles that represent research studies based on the theorist work. The Power Point presentation should include a brief overview of the theorist ‘background, discussion of the theorist’s definitions of the four basic metaparadigms, the theory’s basic assertions or propositions, and an analysis and a critique of the model with a focus on the theory’s implications for nursing practice, nursing education, and nursing research. Grading of the presentation of the theory/conceptual model will be based on the following scale: