Palaces for the People (Parks & Schools)

Prompt: Native/Foreign, Horticultural/Cultural: Read a) Phillip’s introduction to nationalist themes in horticulture and b) Grese’s articulation of the context of Jensen’s landscape practice. How do you understanding Jensen’s prairie language of parks – his use of native plants and the spatial typologies of council rings, clearings, and limestone embankments – aside the adaptive/amelorative forestry of the prior generation or the acclimation (and massive market) for introduced species? Mark-up a plan or section of Jensen’s work (for instance at Columbus Park), tagging specific elements or plantings, and include a) Jensen’s design ideals as compared with b) the cultural and horticultural context he’s responding to for each piece/chosen material in the spatial composition. Must include a summary, response paragraph (three to six sentences) and a design sketch (plan, section, diagram, conceptual geography, etc.) annotated to articulate the tectonic, spatial, social, and material relationships queried in the prompt. You may copy drawings from the reading, provided that you’re adding analytic markup.