Paper about the impact of overwork and health in adults

Hi, The paper I need is about the effects of overwork on health. About 4-5 pages. I have several sources available if you want them. Requirements are as follows: Problem Statement (overwork and health) The purpose of this section is to describe the problem of interest and how it impacts the life of an older adult. A minimum of 2 references from peer-reviewed professional journals (a minimum of 1 page). · Review of the Literature: The purpose is to report current research regarding your stated problem. It should include an analysis of the factors that contribute to the problem. Avoid the use of too many direct quotes. A minimum of 8 references from peer-reviewed professional journals is required. This section requires a minimum of 2 pages. · Prevention and Resource Strategies: Strategies offered must be research supported with appropriate citations in the text of your paper. Resources necessary to address the problem can be local, state or national. There should be a clear delineation between primary (education), secondary (interventions), and tertiary (treatment) prevention strategies. A minimum of 3 web-based resources is required for this section. This section requires a minimum of 1 page. · Summary: This section should “put in a nutshell” what has been stated in the research literature, especially as it relates to your prevention and resource strategies. This section is a minimum of a half page. · Reference Page: Follow APA format. SHOULD INCLUDE A TOTAL OF AT LEAST 13 SEPARATE REFERENCES!!! Thank you.