Personal Supervisory Style Profile Paper

General Instructions: Each student will submit a reflection paper based on an in-depth (or series of) interview(s) with a supervisor. Students may select a current or former field instructor, on-the-job social work supervisor, co-worker in a supervisor role, fellow student, or acquaintance in a social work supervision position. Family members are not acceptable. Students will develop the interview questions based on the course content regarding supervision and leadership. Use the outline and rubric below to develop the interview questions, write and submit the 800-1000 word-count paper. Content Outline: I. Introduction II. Interviewee’ approach and experiences A. Appointment to the supervision position/role B. Administrative, educational, and supportive tasks C. Leadership D. Inclusion and Equity in the workplace E. Ethical issues or dilemmas in supervision III. Analysis of the interviewee’s approach and experience IV. Preferred perspective(s) and approach(es) as a leader and social work supervisor V. Conclusion