Persuasive Proposal Assignment

You will assume the organizational role of a member of a Student Survey Group. Write a proposal for honoring a distinguished alumnus of Texas Tech University for the Texas Tech Centennial Celebration. Write an original researched-based solicited planning proposal in memo report format that is a minimum of 12 single-spaced pages (excluding figures, illustrations, prefatory and supplemental parts). Steps: 1. Write 3 separate biographical accounts to support the recommendation of Danny Amendola, Josh Abbott, and Rick Husband as the candidate for celebration including these criteria: The persons background prior to their arrival at Texas Tech. Their performance while at Texas Tech. Their career accomplishments. Their contributions to society and the University. 2. Select the manner of celebrating your distinguished alumni (Danny Amendola) and illustrate how he will be celebrated: a. Create the recommended visual and verbal web content for a distinguished alumnus to be added to the Texas Tech Alumni Association website. b. Propose an academic “Ring of Honor” type memorial site for a particular academic college as a major campus site improvement. c. Make a proposal to a college for a commemorative campus event to celebrate a particular distinguished alumnus. d. Propose an artistic commemoration of your distinguished alumnus (a portrait, a sculpture, a decorative garden, etc.). REQUIREMENTS: 1. A minimum of twelve (12) single-spaced pages excluding any figures, illustrations, prefatory and supplemental parts. 2. Written in report format (well-developed paragraphs with parallel structure, headings, clarity, and conciseness). 3. Created specifically for this class (no revisions of former work). 4. Written for a specific, identifiable audience. 5. Achieved with the following required document supplements: title page, body, works cited. 6. Achieved with a minimum of six visuals (photos, graphs, charts, letterheads, table of figures). 7. Achieved with research from a minimum of six sources, one of which must be from an historical record from the Southwest Collection. (I will check sources) 9. Achieved with documentation of primary and secondary sources using proper in-text citation strategies using APA bibliographical forms (used by business).