Pick anything I truly do not care at all. Do 5 slides. I picked 5 pages for the option because I can’t pick an amount of slides. You are to create a slide presentation (using a tool such as PowerPoint) that will be based on a topic of professional interest. You are free to choose a topic from the topics that have been covered in the course or you may choose an alternate topic of interest that has not been covered but which is relevant to the course. The following are specific guidelines that can help you prepare your slide presentation: The slide presentation is expected to be based on research that you have conducted outside of the required readings and lectures provided in the course. The important thing is that you have a research question that you are answering. It is not enough to just describe a problem or situation. The more targeted your presentation, the better. This is very important. If you are unsure about your topic, please speak with me and I will be happy to assist you. This presentation will be based on research so it is a good idea to prepare carefully and choose your material well. It is good to use material gathered from books and academic journals and not only web-based reports. Acceptable sources from the web include well-known and respected international organizations. Be wary of some organizations and the information they provide. Not all information is of equal value and academic merit. Since you are free to choose your topic, here are a few suggestions of what your topic could be: An aspect of globalization that you are interested in, for example, trade, globalization of communication, globalization of travel etc., A health topic of significance in global health for example, infectious diseases; chronic diseases; the nutritional transition etc., A theoretical issue based on Kelly Lee’s framework of globalization, for example, spatial dimension of globalization etc., A political/socioeconomic issue such as access to essential drugs and the WTO, inequality and globalization etc., Any other topic that you could feasibly discuss. One important consideration is that you do not pick a topic that is going to be hard to connect to globalization or one in which you cannot get the necessary information to say what you need to say. A hard topic with information that is difficult to find is not a good excuse for a sub-par final presentation. As this is a research presentation, you are expected to analyze the topic in some depth. An overview of the topic will not be enough. Preparing carefully and choosing your material well will lead to a better presentation. The level of research you engage in will be evident in what you write and you will be graded accordingly. These are only suggestions, if in doubt, please write to me and let me know what you are considering to see if it will be relevant. Your slide presentation is expected to be between 5-10 slides. You may add notes to the presentation to explain the slides so that we can follow along if you wish. This is not a requirement, but an option. Please bear these questions in mind when you create your presentation: Do you have a structure to the presentation (introduction, body, and conclusion)? Is the structure easy to understand and follow; are transitions clear and logical? Is the flow of the presentation clearly organized? Do you establish credibility with your information? Do you provide sources? Is your information appropriate, academically sound and rigorous? If you provide graphs or figures, please source them. A bibliography is expected at the end of your presentation (included as a slide). If you are unsure of how to create a slide presentation, please let me know. There are templates provided in Microsoft Office and these may be used. Please make your font size big enough as though you were presenting at a conference. You may use pictures to enhance the aesthetics of the presentation but you will be graded on the content and not on how appealing it is to view. An analysis of your topic is expected, not just an overview of key issues. Please be sure to include some critical perspective on what you present. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.