Primary Source Argument Essay 1

You will need to compose a 3-4 page essay that answers one of the questions that appears in italics below. That essay must include a clearly identifiable thesis statement and use the relevant primary sources in order to support the argument. What drove the conflict between Native Americans and the American Colonies? In your answer, you need to consider the major factors that led to tension between Native Americans and the English colonists. This question allows you a little more latitude to look at different events and colonies. In your answer, you need to consider what was at stake between the Natives and the colonists as well as the ways in which agreed-upon terms were broken and ignored. Your key primary sources are The Legend of Moshup, Pontiac Calls for War, Alibamo Mingo, and Oneida Declaration of Neutrality. The essay needs to be no less than three full pages. The paper should be double-spaced and use a font no larger than 12pt Times New Roman font. You may follow any citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago) that you wish, but please use it consistently. Please do not include a huge heading at the top of the paper. All I need is your name and the class. (pamela calzada History 1301)