Problem – Solution fit; product – market fit and value proposition – google mum – multitask unified model

Analyze and evaluate the problem-solution fit and the product’s market fit as well as the value proposition of Google MUM- Multitask Unified Model In doing so, you are required to conduct a detailed situation analysis as your initial step. You are then required to examine innovation gaps and new demand spaces that are being exploited. Your analysis must consider the competitive landscape, as well as the market dynamics that are prevalent or that, might emerge. NOTE: Students must provide a contextual underpinning of the business prior to their analysis and evaluation. Students are required to use a combination of theoretical concepts and practical dimensions. The analysis and evaluation MUST identify opportunities and make suggestions on how these might offer/contribute value to the business- Provide justification for the assertions that you make Expected output: To achieve the above, students are required to provide relevant templates, an 8-minute recorded video, and a 1500-word report. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE REPORT Total word count for the report 1500 words (±10%) – Use of Appendices is encouraged Information:- This word count is for the BODY of the assignment and does NOT include obligatory: Header page Executive summary Contents page Appendices (optional – but likely to be needed) References and Bibliography. Report Structure: You are expected to include the following sections: Title page Executive summary (separate page) Contents Page Introduction – Informed by the situational analysis Analysis [ Supported by frameworks/Theory/observations] Evaluation [These can sometimes be done together or separately i.e.- The Analysis and Evaluation] – [ Supported by frameworks/Theory/observations] Recommendations/ Summary/Conclusion Appendices (Optional)- Can hold additional data to support the underlying arguments and narrative presented above References Glossary (if needed) Additional specifications Your Title Page should include: Your name, Course and Cohort Professor Title of your report Assignment name Date Number of words Your report should have page numbers Your contents page should indicate all sections and sub-sections and their page numbers. Please make sure you include screengrabs of the web pages and charts showing the analytics. Appendices are optional. But if you use an appendix, make it a self-contained section…do not simply put a diagram there. Your References page should show all the sources you have cited in the report. Copying and pasting of text are strictly forbidden. If you think you need to use a direct quote, ensure it is important that we have the words of the person concerned and you must cite them appropriately. It is usually unlikely that someone needs to be quoted directly in a report of this nature, so far better that you incorporate their thoughts and ideas into your own text and contrast them with other opinions. Reference the thoughts and ideas