Using Google or by searching an institution’s website (yes, it can be the same institution you used in Assignment 1), identify and access a completed new degree program proposal (not the blank form) that has been submitted at a higher education institution (i.e., community college, liberal arts college, private or public university, military academy, art, and design school). Be sure that what you identify is a complete proposal and not the blank template or form. Once you identify and access a program proposal that interests you, read it. Then, provide a critique of the proposal in the context of curriculum development theories and principles introduced in the lesson by using the following guidance: List the title and type (e.g., AA, BA, BS, MBA, MS, MA, EdD, Ph.D.) of degree program being proposed, the type of institution the program was being proposed for, and a very brief description of the program. (1 paragraph) Briefly discuss what elements the proposal included that you recognize as something to be addressed/covered in this course. For example, did it include a program evaluation plan, methods for assessing student learning, co-curricular opportunities, or alignment with institutional mission and goals/outcomes? (1 paragraph) Briefly discuss what elements the proposal included that either are NOT being addressed in this course and surprised you by their inclusion. For example, did it surprise you that a budget was required, all course descriptions were included, and a curriculum map was completed? (1 paragraph) Specifically, review and critique any and all elements related to the ADDIE model discussed in this week’s lesson and readings. How were aspects of ADDIE represented in the program proposal? Align aspects of the proposal with the correct phase. What aspects of the curriculum development process – analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation – were evident in the academic program proposal requirements? (3 paragraphs) Discuss in what ways, if at all, the proposal included a curricular approach the faculty planned to employ within the program? For example, did they specify a particular method, such as problem-based learning? If there was no evidence of a specific theory beyond ADDIE, then outline which theory(ies) or framework(s) you would apply to the design of this program and provide a rationale for your choices based on your readings for this week. For example, would a structure-oriented, value-oriented, content-oriented, or process-oriented theory work best for this program? Why? What contemporary curriculum framework from Kelting-Gibson (2013) would you recommend given the program being proposed? Why? (3 paragraphs) Your assignment should include: The weblink to the new degree program proposal you accessed and critiqued (Note: You may also simply attach it as an additional document in the dropbox for this assignment if you wish.) Your 3-page critique of the new degree program proposal that fully addresses all guidance above Length: One web link, 3-page critique References: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly resources related to curriculum theories or principles.