textbook: 1. Investigate the definition and function of the term hypothesis. Provide three examples of a strong hypothesis. Explain the guidelines for creating a testable hypothesis. Create a hypothesis based on something you would be interested in researching. 2.What is your opinion on the legalization of marijuana? Provide evidence from research that supports your opinion. 3. Which form of conditioning is used most for behavior modification? Why does this form work better? Why would Classical Conditioning help someone in their daily life functioning? Which form of conditioning would you most likely see in a classroom setting? Create your own examples of each form of conditioning. Be sure to include the following information in your answer. In addressing classical conditioning: Identify UCS, UCR, NS, CS, and CR. Discuss any stimulus generalization that you observed. Discuss any extinction and spontaneous that occurred. In addressing operant conditioning: Identify negative and positive reinforcements and punishments. Label the schedule of reinforcement or punishment. 4. Perform research outside of the textbook to find studies that have tested one of those strategies. What did those studies find? Which of these devices do you think is best for your memory? Why? Provide an example of when you have used it in the past or think you could use it in the future. 5. List and explain the parenting styles. Which parenting style do you think your parents used? Provide examples. Which parenting style do you wish to use as a parent or future parent? Explain why. 6.Who is most impacted by bullying? Why is bullying so prevalent in all age groups today? Explain. Has bullying gotten worse or changed through the years? How has cyberbullying impacted the situation? Explain. Is the term “bullying” overused? Why or why not? Explain. With the introduction of electronic recording devices, has the bystander effect become more of a problem? Explain. 7. What types of stressors are most prevalent in the career field that you are choosing to enter or have entered? How do these stressors affect the health and wellness of professionals in this field? What are some suggestions to reduce the stress level? What does the published research say about the stressors in your chosen field? 8.Name the disorder. Who is most diagnosed with the disorder? How prevalent is the disorder in society? What are the symptoms of the disorder? Is the disorder hereditary? What do you think about the disorder based on your research? 9,Do you think there is a stigma with mental illness in today’s society? Explain your answer and provide information from outside sources to confirm or negate your claim. 10. Discuss the concepts which you believe will be most memorable from this course one year from now? Which areas would you like to explore in greater depth?