Quick Steps to Successful Online Essay Writing

Favorite Tutors: Your Best Friend’s secret

I believe essay writing is an art. You don’t get marks for just jumbling jargon and submitting before the deadline. I will share with you a few helpful tips that I use when writing for Favorite Tutors.

  1. Understand the concept behind your instructions. You may need to dissect long instructions.
  2. Find the right scholarly sources that you’ll use to find solutions. If possible read them through and note down the most important ideas.
  3. Divide your work into paragraphs. Introduction and conclusion take up 20% of your work. Divide the rest of the word count into sizeable paragraphs.
  4. Get into actual writing. Don’t forget to start with topic sentences. A topic sentence highlights the main idea to be discussed in the paragraph.
  5. Ensure your introduction ends in a thesis statement.
  6. Make sure all instructions are well covered within the body of your essay.
  7. Don’t forget to list down your sources in the bibliography section. Make sure they’re all cited within the text as well.
  8. Most importantly, proof-read your work. It’s wise to leave it for a while, take up a chore then get back to proof-read.
  9. If your friend is willing, you may seek an opinion on how it sounds and probably how you should improve.

Your paper is now ready for submission. Happy writing!