Radical transformation

The Case Study This coursework provides you with an opportunity to review and critically evaluate a real case study of organisational change. The case Organizational Revolution. The Radical Transformation of Roche Italy (2020) Download Organizational Revolution. The Radical Transformation of Roche Italy (2020)deals with organisational transformation at Roche Italy. This case study narrates one of the deepest transformations in the Italian subsidiary of Roche Global, a giant multinational enterprise, went through. It led to consistent change not only in its sales processes, organizational structure, performance management, and budgeting process but also in its managerial style and culture. The Task Working in groups of 3 – 4 members, you need to review and analyse the organisational change presented in the case study, answering the following question: Critically analyse organizational change at Roche Italy using appropriate tools, ideas and frameworks and recommend course of actions to address the challenges of ongoing organizational transformation. You should address the above requirements by answering the following questions (page 29 of Roche Italy case study): Which organizational dimensions was Roche Italy obliged to control altogether in order to successfully handle such a radical transformation? How, and according to which time frames? What contingencies did the organization have to consider when those dimensions were identified? How did Roche Italy handle resistance to change from some employees? More broadly, how could such resistance be managed during radical transformation? How did Roche Italy manage to simultaneously achieve wide participation and a unified leadership voice? In general, how could an organization simultaneously achieve its pluralism/participation and efficiency/effectiveness goals while meeting the objectives of transformation? What are the potential disadvantages of a less formal and more “qualitative” way of measuring both individual and team performance? In your opinion, how could such threats be eliminated or at least, mitigated? Similarly, what could be some of the potential disadvantages of an increase in smart working for an organization that is strongly team based? Academic Requirements There are a number of approaches you can take to this task, from focusing on one or two issues in depth to providing a broader appraisal of the change process. Organisational dimensions of the transformation to be considered in the analysis include process, structure, leadership model and culture. No matter which approaches you take, you should use relevant sources from the course and your own wider reading to support your analysis. Detailed grading criteria can be found below. Some indicative useful readings to get you started are provided in the Assignment area of the Canvas site. Further reading is encouraged, and wider research and critical appraisal of theory will attract higher marks.