Readmission essay

Write a letter petitioning readmission to Hult for the purpose of completing you MIB degree. This petition will go to the Admissions Committee who will review your statement as well as academic record to make a determination on the request. Your petition must include: A) Why you were previously separated from Hult and what you learned from that situation; B) What you have been doing since separation to address the reasons for previous separation; and C) What you will do if granted readmission to ensure you are academically successful upon return. In the statement you should state to which campus you wish to return. You would send this petition to me and I would then pass it on to the Admission Committee for review and a decision. I missed a final thus failing the class. I work labor and delivery at beth isreal deaconess medical center in boston. I have just been reading business articles and hiring my analytical skills as I am in business school. Add whatever you need to make me sound good. Thank you.