Reflective Self Analysis

Write a n original essay in which you present an argument related to your growth in in the course objectives of quantitative literacy, communication, personal responsibility, and critical thinking. This assignment should be an argument. If you have kept up with the previous RSA Draft assignments, then this should essentially be an extensive revision of those reflections. Note: Failure to include a discussion of quantitative literacy (Paper 3) will result in a C- or lower for this assignment. Suggested Structure (Brief): Introduction: [suggestion] Briefly summarize your initial goals for or perceptions of the course, then end the intro with an argumentative thesis statement that presents an argument concerning how your major papers demonstrate growth or development since the beginning of the semester. Treat your final RSA as an evaluation argument, and evaluate yourself in terms of “success.” Write a CLEAR argumentative thesis that includes a claim and reason(s). Body: address each of the course objectives and present evidence (specific quotations/references) from ALL THREE papers (Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3) to support your thesis. Conclusion: Summarize your points, then discuss how the skills you have learned will help you in the future. Consider both written and oral communication.