Research Paper

Hi! From the articles you chose for my annotated bibliography, I now need you to use them for my research paper. Paper must be able to answer the following questions: DSM-5 (NOT 4!) criteria for the diagnosis (use “5” not “V” as the Roman numeral is no longer used) What are the symptoms/triggers? What do they look like? Is it common (i.e. many people experience it) or is it rare? What is the etiology? Is this biological, environmental, or both? What are potential genetic influences? What are treatments (NOT medication—psychologists can only prescribe in five states, so do not discuss medication or you will get a zero for the treatment portion.) Look for CBT, EFT, etc. These are broad categories and have specific techniques, so you will want to discuss and describe specific techniques that are used. What life disruption occurs as a result of the symptoms of this mental illness? Address all areas (family, relationships, work, social interactions with strangers, functioning independently). What is the prognosis if untreated versus treated effectively? In other words, if left unchecked how will symptoms impact one’s future work/relationships/life? What are the worst-case and best-case scenarios? If treated, will the person need a lifetime of maintenance care? (You may refer to medication generally in this section, such as “will need antipsychotic medication and a life-long series of doctor’s assessments to monitor for side effects” but this section needs to be very specific and refer back to life disruption discussion.) Be sure to NOT use quotes, only paraphrase and cite only. The paper should also include a cover page, abstract, and reference page. The paper must include an introduction and a conclusion in addition to the written portion.